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Buy my Final Fantasy things! :o

Due to the overwhelming amount of things that I need money for, I'll be selling all my Final Fantasy models. They're all new and have never been removed out of their packaging... because I'm super cool like that and all.

All prices include postage and packaging, so don't worry about that malarkey... just BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!

Final Fantasy VIII Squall Figure (Japanese) - £5
Final Fantasy VIII Rinoa Figure (Japanese) - £5
Final Fantasy VIII Zell Figure (Japanese) - £5
Final Fantasy VIII Seifer Figure (Japanese) - £5
Final Fantasy VIII Seifer Figure (American) - £5
Final Fantasy VIII Quistis 1/6 scale limited edition vinyl statue (Japanese) - £15 (paid £30 for this, its labled number 3483 of 10000.)
Final Fantasy VIII Ifrit Figure (American) - £7
Final Fantasy VIII Siren CLEAR Figure (American) - £6
Final Fantasy X Tidus Figure - £5
Final Fantasy X Tidus Yuna - £5
Final Fantasy X Seymour Evolution Figure - £20 (paid £30, and its rather big, remember the price includes shipping also)
Final Fantasy X Ultima Weapon Figure - £10
Final Fantasy Creatures Set - Deathguise & Bahamut Zero - £5
Final Fantasy Creatures Set - Diamond Weapon & Seymour Evolution - £5
Final Fantasy Creatures Set - Yunalesca & Cerebus - £5

Each purchase comes with a special dose of love, and maybe some bubblewrap if you're really lucky. Buy now!! :o

If you want to purchase something, my contact information can be found below:

AIM: SnapAEng
ICQ: 67341353
Yahoo: SnapAEng

Or you can private message me on the forums at
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